Regi’s workshops are designed for individuals who want to experience stories as performance, organizations who want to develop a positive cohesive business culture and for healthcare professionals who will benefit from spoken and written narratives as a healing art. All of Regi’s workshops combine deep reflection and interactive exercises in a warm accepting environment.

Current Workshops:

Diving and Emerging

This class dives deep into our rich pool of experiences to gather the stories of our past in order to emerge, shining and bright with stories that are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, and always memorable.

Listening, Writing & Storytelling in Clinical Care

This full or half day workshop focuses on the power of listening, writing and the spoken word as a way to solicit personal stories from clients that evoke empathy, understanding and a healthy relationship to the self and others.

Using Traditional Tales to Elicit Personal Stories & Coping Strategies

Stories from the world’s folk and fairy tale tradition often mirror the issues of people who seek professional care: confusion, depression, addiction, grief, and a loss of identity. This workshop demonstrates how these tales also contain coping skills, resourcefulness and resiliency.

Getting to Grief: Storytelling in Bereavement

For individuals who serve clients-both adults and children- grieving the death of a loved one, including therapists, hospice workers, clergy, bereavement counselors, social workers, and all who would like to improve their ability to support individuals coping with loss.

Pillars of Excellence

This workshop is customized for businesses, non-profits and organizations striving to build a positive culture and cohesive productive employee relationships.

Storytelling, Literacy & Empathy

This workshop is for teachers, librarians and other support staff in grades K-12 who want to utilize storytelling for community building, character education, and literacy. Using a combination of listening, reading, writing and storytelling we practice how to tell a traditional story as we ll as write and telling original material.

"I found I used these stories with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to encourage self-confidence, self-esteem, listening, perseverance, honesty and resiliency."

"I was able to use these stories in my clinical work and to serve others. The stories also reminded me of my humanity and oneness with others."

"Regi is a remarkable teacher who connected me to stories I didn’t know I had!"